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Savannah REIA Meets on Thurs, Oct 24th

By Savannah REIA on October 23, 2013
Thursday, October 24th at 6:30 PM in Savannah, GA

Savannah REIA - October 24th
How to Build Your Own Bank

Savannah REIA Main Monthly MeetingThe Savannah REIA Monthly Meeting is being held a week later than usual on October 24th from 6:30PM to 9PM in the New York Life Conference Room located at 9 Park of Commerce Blvd, Ste 200, in Savannah, GA. The meeting is hosted by Aislee Jackson. This month at Savannah REIA, we will be addressing the "Build Your Own Bank" Concept in 2 parts.

In the Part 1, we will be discussing using a Custom Whole Life Policy from New York Life and all the benefits that come with it. Nicholas J. Paolicelli, a Financial Services Professional from New York Life says "We have had overwhelming success with this policy and concept. The great thing about this policy is its flexibility to meet so many of our needs from family to business. We are very excited to introduce this concept to your REIA." Here are just a few of the incredible benefits...

  • No contribution limitations
  • Borrowing with indirect recognition
  • Receive tax free income
  • An immediate death benefit
  • No restrictions on what you can do with the available cash

In Part 2 of the "Build Your Own Bank" concept, we will discuss Private Lending. Just think, you could have the money you need to explode your real estate investing business and begin earning the type of profits that you have always dreamed about quicker than you thought possible!

  • Imagine never having to place a limit on the amount of money you can earn as a real estate investor!
  • Imagine never having to wait for bank loans!
  • Imagine never having to pay points to hard money lenders!
  • Imagine never having to lose out on a deal because you couldn't quickly procure funds!

What would you do if you had access to all the money you need to complete any real estate deal?

  • Would you be more aggressive in hunting for profitable deals?
  • Would you do bigger deals that offer the possibility of greater profits?
  • Would you make offers with CONFIDENCE that if accepted you could close?
  • Would you leverage the power of your unlimited funds to secure bigger discounts in your deals?
  • Would you sleep easier at night knowing that your funding needs are taken care of and that you'll never have to miss another deal due to lack of cash?
  • Would you decide to retire early?
  • Would you take the time that you used to spend trying to get funding and now use it to be with your family or to work on other areas of your business?

No matter what you would decide to do, you are about to find out how using "private lenders" can get you the financing you need to take your real estate investing business to the next level!

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting. This is our main Savannah REIA Meeting for the month, so don't miss it! Please be sure to invite your friends to join us at the meeting and to follow us on Meetup.com and Facebook.com. 

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