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Savannah REIA's 1st Meeting of 2018 is January 8th!

By Savannah REIA on January 8, 2018
Mon, January 8th at 6:30PM @ Homewood Suites Savannah
Savannah REIA – January 8th
Understanding Your REIA Membership Benefits
with Chip Cagle
Savannah REIA Members Can Attend for NO CHARGE.
First Time Guests NO Charge! RSVP On Meetup Now!

Chip CagleYou pay the yearly dues for a REIA membership. This rings true for almost any Real Estate Investors Association or Alliance. How does membership in a REIA benefit you or your business?

Join us on Monday, January 8th for our first meeting event of 2018. We have as our special guest, Chip Cagle. He will be highlighting a lot of the benefits you as a Savannah REIA member receive.

Let Chip tell you:

  • Benefits to National Real Estate Investors Club
  • How to access the Community Buyers Group
  • The advantages of a Gold or Silver member
  • Details about business memberships
  • And Much Much More

Chip Cagle was a computer consultant for many years. He started training for real estate investing in 2005. As often happens, he went to training after training before finally taking the plunge and buying his first fix & flip in September of 2006. About a year ago, he decided he didn’t want to continue working by the hour and gave up computer consulting to work full-time with real estate. He is now the Director of Benefits for KnoxREIA in Knoxville, TN. He’s also a loan broker for all types of real estate investing, seeking great rates and terms for his clients. Whenever he’s in Atlanta or Chattanooga, he goes to their REIA meetings to present the benefits of being a member.

If you want to learn how to grow your business exponentially, without the head and heart aches that could come along with it, please RSVP for Savannah REIA's Main Monthly Meeting, and join us on Monday, January 8th at 6:30PM!

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Savannah REIA Members Please RSVP on Meetup.com

As always, Savannah REIA Members can attend the event at no charge and First Time Guests no charge as well. Be sure to bring your business cards with you and join us for an evening of real estate deals, vendors, networking, education and fun! See you there!

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