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Your Blueprint to Financial Freedom!

By Savannah REIA on August 7, 2020

What if You Could Learn All of the Secrets of the Country’s Top Real Estate Investors?

Hi Everyone,

Most of us would love to do this! I mean who wouldn’t want to pick the brains of the best of the best and find out what they’ve been doing over the past few months to stay successful. What changes have they made, what is still working, what are their secret tips, tricks and blueprints for making tons of money?

One problem. That could take a ton of time, getting all those people in one place, getting copies of their letters and follow up plans. How many investors are you going to have to talk to?

Well at our next Atlanta REIA Online and Tampa REIA Online meetings, we are going to have Jason Roberts and Rachel Schneider, top real estate investors and national coaches, will be doing a 2-Part Webinar Series with us where they will share all of the secrets they have learned from their top coaching students.

They have done all the work for you. They have collaborated with the industry’s leading investors to get their strategies that actually work! I am talking about the marketing that gets the most responses, the formula for paying 60% of after repair value, as well as how to get money to close any deal! These strategies will make the dream of financial freedom a reality!

If you are ready to make a change and learn the blueprint to successful investing, then check out the video below and Register Now for our next two upcoming Online REIA Meetings!

Jason Roberts & Rachel Schneider

Register to attend Part 1 at Atlanta REIA Online on August 10th at: http://AREIA.us/Online

Register to attend Part 2 at Tampa REIA Online on August 13th at: http://TREIA.us/Online

Chattanooga REIA, Tampa REIA, Atlanta REIA & Savannah REIA Members can attend both these online meetings at no charge, so register now and we will see you there!