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LightArrow’s LifeTopix App Review

Posted in The Profit December 2015 by Don DeRosa

“A place for everything and everything in its place” ~ Benjamin Franklin

The developers at LightArrow must have had me in mind. Or at least, someone like me. I found myself constantly checking various apps, and across devices it is easy to lose track of messages, updates, and photos. I’ve been juggling things for a long time, but LightArrow has made an app that makes everything mesh together on one screen.

LifeTopix is almost like an operating system for all your apps. This single app makes one place where you can view your calendar, update travel plans, make a checklist, even order things on that list or make memos to yourself. I love the fact that you can install this on your phone or your tablet, and the interface is very clean with a white background. It even prompts you if you forgot something.

Doing what I do is my passion, but also overwhelming at times. I like the fact that this one app has consolidated my other apps, and really saves me time. Instead of bouncing around from one screen to another, everything that is important to me is on one screen. At a glance, I can see my tasks, reminders, and in this screen I can even shop.

It reminds me of the Microsoft tiles, with square icons in primary colors that let me control different information. The LifeTopix app calls these ‘topix’. Besides managing the day to day tasks, I can even track my workouts, my legal papers, even my bill payments. Even though Google and Apple have covered a lot of things, in terms of tasks, email, calendars and contacts, LifeTopix is much more intuitive. Instead of opening another app for a calendar reminder when an email has a date in the text, LifeTopix controls that on a single screen. I do find myself losing track of what I was doing if I have to leave one window to open another in order to set a task or a reminder for something.

It is from the LifeTopix app that I keep all my appointments, my contacts and manage our correspondence. It’s easy to bring up an invoice and then send a message to a vendor or contractor I’m talking to in the same window. It’s incredibly easy to share information, cite specific details and hash out the finer points without pauses in the conversation. For me personally, I have to wear many hats. It is really convenient to just have a single screen, like a dashboard, for all the ‘topix’ in both my business and downtime.

Of course, Google apps are not compatible with the iPhone. LifeTopix is the answer to that type of solution. But I think it’s much better at managing various things in a single place. It works across the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Since it works pretty much everywhere, there’s never a chance of missing an update or a reminder.

Source: LightArrow’s LifeTopix App Review

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Don DeRosa

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