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What Causes a Quantum Leap?

Posted in The Profit January 2016 by Ron LeGrand

I’m sure you’ve noticed when I sign off, I prefer “To your quantum leap.”  People often ask me what I mean by that or how to have a quantum leap.  The only way I know to answer is to “keep fertilizing your crop.”  Let me explain.

You must ask yourself certain questions and continuously analyze what you’re doing at every moment.  Whether you’re young or old, what are you doing to fertilize your crop?  Is every day the same or are you taking on new challenges and learning new stuff?  Are you playing not to lose or playing to win?  Does your seed have a chance to grow and if it does, will it produce a crop worth having?  Are you spending so much time making a living you can’t take time to get rich?  If you are rich, are you complacent and bored or are you putting it on the line to stay in the game and win big?  Do you look forward to tomorrow because it’s just another day full of problems?  Have you had some major set- backs with your finances or health that you’re letting take you out of the game, or are you playing no matter what?

Everyone faces adversity at some point, many more than others.  Yet, successful people just keep ticking.  They keep fertilizing their crop and looking for new harvest.  They survive the test of time because they refuse to quit when things get tough and because they love what they do to the point it becomes their life… their station.

You never know at what point in your life a major turning point will take place that catapults you further in one year than all previous years combined.  I’ve seen that happen a lot lately with some of my students and in my own life. 

My net worth has risen at least five times higher in one year than in all previous years combined TWICE!  This is called a quantum Leap.  So, what causes such a quantum leap?  I think there are several things that contribute.  See how many apply to you.

1. I never stop learning. The more I learn the easier everything gets.

2. I focus on the deals that can produce the most value. It doesn’t take any more time or resources, in fact it takes less.

3. I’m always in the game, if not physically, certainly mentally. Anyone who tells you “you can turn it off” is not an entrepreneur.  They’re probably selling a book.

4. I never quit. I do what it takes to get the job done right up to the last minute.  Some of the best deals were gigantic problems to get them closed and frankly, I know few who could have pulled it off other than me.  I know for certain none of our deals would have gotten done if I weren’t involved and they all come with their share of grief even after they have been bought.  I expect it and prepare for it and will keep plugging until each and every one comes to a conclusion.  Frankly, that’s not normal.  If you possess this trait alone you’ll probably enjoy a great harvest.  Grow some guts.

5. I expect things to go wrong and prepare. Every promise made to you by people involved in your deals is a lie until they come through, and few will. You should always have a plan 2, 3, and 4.  If I hadn’t, none of our deals would have closed.

6. I don’t listen to the morons. I can’t tell you how much advice I get about making money from broke people who have little. Some of them I actually pay.  My attorneys, CPA, appraisers, engineers, contractors or relatives are not qualified to advise me on how to get rich.  None of them are, and actually none are morons either.  They’re all good at what they do, but it ain’t making money.  Choose your advisors carefully.

7. I share the wealth. All my deals and companies have partners.  I’m giving away a fortune in income and equity.  Several actually.  If I chose to keep it all, I’d have little.  Besides, who wants to get rich alone?  It’s more fun when others come along for the ride when they earn the fare.  You can only do one or two things at a time yourself and do them well.  I choose to do many things simultaneously so I have no choice but to turn loose and let others grow their own business.  It’s fun for me to have multiple businesses.  It’s not for everyone.  It requires a reptile brain personality and a willingness to make mistakes and a few other traits previously mentioned that most people don’t have.  But here, it’s fun to be me. (Most days).

8. I make decisions quickly. Sometimes it’s the wrong decision and I pay the price, but the right ones outweigh the wrong ones so I can live with my bad choices.  What I can’t live with is indecision.  I have no patience with people who can’t decide on anything, and I have none near me.  If I did, they wouldn’t last long.  When it comes to a real estate deal or a business, the decision is easy for me.  It’s mostly about the math.  If it has a good chance to make a lot of money, I’m probably in.  If it doesn’t, I’m out.  That kills about 90% of the things that could consume my time and energy.

9. I keep my promises or at least I do my damndest to do so. I hate it when people make me promises and don’t keep them, and I assume they feel the same way.  No one keeps every promise they make, but most people keep few they make.  I get accused of not keeping promises made by others on my team sometimes, and I can take the heat, as I should.  I think most people intend to keep promises they make, but they are so disorganized, they forget.  A properly used planner will fix that.  If you write it down in your planner it becomes part of your daily activity and easier to keep.  If you rely on your memory you become a liar who can’t be relied on.  Nobody’s perfect, but a simple system will make you better organized than 95% of your circle of influence.

10. I implement quickly. Deciding to do something gets nothing done. You must take the first step and that’s where delegation comes in handy.  I delegate hundreds of tasks to my staff every week.  Without a PA to take the load off me I couldn’t get much done and I’d be normal.  God forbid.  I’d have a PA if I were in a nursing home with no businesses to run.  At least she could bring me books to read and type my memoirs.  I suggest you consider it yourself.  It’ll change your life.  We discuss all these issues and more at Business Management Boot Camp. 

So, how many of these traits do you possess or even want for that matter?  You don’t need them all to be mega successful, but if you study the super-rich, you’ll find a lot of them possess the same traits.  There is a common denominator among them.  Keep spreading the fertilizer.  Your crop is coming!

Source: What Causes a Quantum Leap?

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Ron LeGrand

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