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It’s Time to Get Your Money Machine Started TODAY!

Posted in The Profit June 2015 by Larry Harbolt

Recently a friend of mine sent me a chart created by the United States census bureau showing the numbers of home ownership from 1965 until 2015. Amazingly the number of home ownership in 2015 was almost exactly the same as it was in 1965. I found this very interesting because throughout all of those years between 1965 and 2015 homeownership escalated slowly until 2006 when the real estate market crash took place because of all the defaulting loans. As house prices dramatically declined people felt their homes were worth less than what they owed so many people quit making their loan payments causing many of the defaulted loans people could no longer afford. I thought about what this chart represented for today's real estate investors and I believe this chart shows us there is great opportunity for real estate investors of all kinds everywhere.

I am starting to see more and more new construction everywhere I travel and I am also seeing more and more deals completed by my students who are savvy investors all over this country. I’m an optimist, I truly believe that we are going to see huge profits made by those who step out of the traditional box and structure their deal differently than those who only do what everyone else is doing. I believe those of us who think different than the masses will prosper far more than the status quo. I am seeing the market slowly making a comeback from the disasters of 2008 for some of us but not those who are stuck in yesterday’s methods and mindset.

When the market declines and homeownership slows people who own rental property will control a much larger portion of the housing market than those trying to sell their properties they buy at a retail price. As homeownership increases it usually means more people buy houses to live in and those people no longer rent from the landlords. Still it doesn't matter which way the market goes, I believe there is plenty of opportunity for all investors over the next few years.

Now Is the Best Time to Learn How to Buy Your Income Properties

I’ve said this many, many times and I will say it again, your wealth will be created from these long term income properties simply because your tenants are the ones that get up every morning to go to work to earn money they give to you every month in the form of rent that pay for your rental properties. Over time your tenants completely pay for your rental properties while also giving you additional income every month to help pay for your lifestyle. I know I can hear some of you saying, I don’t want to be a landlord and fight with tenants and toilets. If that is your sentiment, buy each of your income properties so you can afford to hire property management to deal with the tenants so you don’t have to. Someday when you are ready to retire and you have fifteen or twenty rental properties paid for FREE & CLEAR that are passing along to you every month $400 to $600 each after expenses will be a life changer for you and your family. Think about it, twenty houses valued at $100,000 or more would give you a net worth of over Two Million dollars that someone else paid for.

Eventually when all of those income properties you didn’t want are completely paid for by your tenants you will have fifteen or twenty free and clear properties you can continue to collect the rent from each month, or you could sell them and then have enough money to live a beautiful life without worry of ever running out of money.

I know I’ve said all of this before but I want to reinforce the point that with all of the opportunities I am seeing today why not work smart instead of hard and create not only a cash flow by quickly selling some properties for cash, but why not at the same time be creating your fortune while you sleep. I can see many possibilities everywhere I look and you need to start seeing some of those opportunities that are everywhere, and I can help you do just that.

Until next month, Good Luck and Happy Investing.


Source: It’s Time to Get Your Money Machine Started TODAY!

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Larry Harbolt

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