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Finding Home: Zillow Apps Review

Posted in The Profit March 2016 by Don DeRosa

“The home should be the treasure chest of living.” ~ Le Corbusier

As a flipper, I tend to think a lot about the people who are going to be living in the home I created for them. I’m thoughtful about the products I use while being mindful about the budget. But it all doesn’t mean a thing if I can’t generate buzz about a property. I used to do a lot of research about neighborhoods and comparison shop. But doing all that on my own using a variety of different resources eats a lot of valuable time.

Zillow is a popular website for both Realtors and those seeking a home. It has become a valuable resource. In their efforts to grow the brand, Zillow has made an app in addition to features on the desktop and mobile website.

Zillow offers a few different apps for different people. Whether you’re in the market to buy or rent or sell, it’s remarkable to have all this data at your fingertips in a mobile app. As a renter, you can see all the properties in the area that fit your criteria that are up for rent. It even shows properties that are rent to buy, and helps evaluate whether you want to invest. You can even hold a property so you don’t miss out.

For buyers and renters, it is great to be able to check out listings on the go. See if the area you are interested in has a good school rating. Make sure your favorite coffee chain is close by. Whether you’re at work showing friends or exchanging information with your partner, it’s a breeze sharing listings and comparing prices at a glance. We depend on our mobile devices as the primary way we gather information. Make decisions with the most current data using this handy app.

On the flip side of that, as someone who regularly turns over properties, I can see a lot of information at a glance. I usually check out what other homes are selling for, comparable profits I can gain in the flip, compare the best prices in the neighborhood, and other options.

For my own purposes, the Premier Agent App has been a valuable tool for me. Zillow seems to be very intuitive regarding what Realtors need. I can easily respond to messages within the app without having to go back and forth between my preferred email account and the Zillow interface. I can also see potential buyers’ information, like whether they’re pre-approved for a loan, what amount, and what other listings they’ve been looking at. It helps me narrow down what their ideal neighborhood is.

The app can show us who prospective buyers are through their social media connections. It is helpful to see who exactly is coming. To be honest, in this time, putting a face to the name before the meeting is a matter of personal safety. As a buyer and as a Realtor, it’s generally a good practice to have a photo of the person you’re going to meet up with. Before the app, we would have to make additional efforts to check out the Realtor profile or a social media search. It’s definitely streamlined now. You don’t need to dig through internal pages on a Realtor website or find 80 Facebook users with the same name as the potential buyer coming to the house.

The app has a free version, and you can pay for a subscription to access additional features. On the buyer side as well as the Realtor side, I highly recommend this particular app as a paid subscription. After one use it pretty much pays for itself in the peace of mind.

Source: Finding Home: Zillow Apps Review

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Don DeRosa

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